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Akan Yarou Subs - アカンやろう
Newest Releases 
Welcome to Akan Yarou Subs!
Welcome to Akan Yarou Subs, a community dedicated primarily to Kanjani∞ subtitles and translations.

For now, nothing is locked so there's no need to join (although it would make us very happy)!

If you were invited to join here, it's because you've previously commented on Gwendy_ast's subbed videos!

18th-Mar-2011 09:23 pm - Episode #19 - Let's Aim for 3-and-3!
The rules of this episode are too hard to explain, so just watch! Not much else to say about this episode except... IT'S YASUDA TIME!


Highlights include:
- Yasu being special
- The hardest game in Kanpani history
- Hina has what kind of face?!
- The reason why Subaru joined the entertainment world!
- Did I mention that Yasu is special?

MF: .001 | .002 | .003 | .004

This episode was requested by elyndys who kindly donated to disaster relief in Japan. A big thanks to her and let's continue to support Japan and those affected in any way possible. For more info on how to donate money or skills visit here.


And as a bonus, we bring you the outtakes, appropriately titled Ditsy-Yasuda (Tennen-Yasuda). Enjoy as Yasu continuously makes a fool of himself in this bonus footage! XD


30th-Sep-2010 09:56 pm - Kicyu - Adult Version
zurui yo
 Ufufufufu. Yoko, you are so damn sexy. And those that don't see it... HOW CAN YOU NOT?!

Now that I've got that out of my system, today I bring you to Kicyu ~Adult Vers.~ It's Yoko. Being Sexy. I had watched this performance several times before I was satisfied with Yoko. And then I watched it about a hundred times more. There's... there's not much more to say about this. Except. Yoko. Did I say that already? 

Highlights include: 
- Yoko.

Translation: murrponchan 
Karaoke, QC, and Hardsub : gwendy_ast 

∞♥∞ Happy Eito Day! ∞♥∞

As a present, we give you episode 23 of Kanpani! This episode’s task/game is a crack-filled cross between a shadow puppet show and charades!

Highlights include:
- Realizing Ohkura is the last person you’d want on your charades team
- Hina/Maru’s creative interpretation of a letter of the alphabet
- MC Shibutani: He’s too adorable when he has to play leader. Plus his high pitched giggle ♥
- Some rather questionable looking shadow figures

And of course, I can’t end this post without including at least one of said questionable figures!

Follow the cut for downloads!Collapse )
23rd-Jul-2010 04:56 pm - Kanpani #25 - Let's Draw by Song!
It's sad that this was the last episode of Kanpani! You could clearly see that this show was going to get so much more hilarious if it kept airing. But sadly, that was not the case. As it is, here is the last episode for you guys, karaoke subbed and all. Do you know how long it took for me to learn how to do so!

Anyway, in this episode, their game/task/mission is to draw a picture. By song. Needless to say, lulz ensue.

- Yasu's amazing Japanese language skills
- Yoko's amazing English lanugage skills
- Cuuuuuuuute Hina!!
- Ryo's fondness of the ら syllable
- Tacchon's questionable drawing...

Translation and hardsubbing: gwendy_ast 
Spot translation, QCing, and subbing: murrponchan 
Raw: dozchan 

30th-Jun-2010 04:16 pm - Wonderful World Zoom In Promo
I decided to do a quick translation/sub of the Zoom In Super promo as requested by [info]kakuna_24 .

In this interview, the members talk about reasons why members are wonderful, and reasons they're not.

Feel free to share the youtube video anywhere <3

| MF
Here with another episode of Can!Jani featuring Ohkura and Hina. In this episode, they work at a zoo for a day while investigating how many calories are burned during animal related labor. Johnny's + Animals = cute! <3

Highlights include:
- Hina's facial expressions
- A gorilla impression (?)
- Yasu isn't in this episode much, but when he is, could he get any CUTER?! *head explodes*
- Scaredy Tadayoshi, the cuddler <3

Translation & Subbing: gwendy_ast
Raw Credits: dozchan 

Find it HERE at my lj.
Here is episode #41 of Can! Jani featuring the husband and wife Hina and Maru's Town Guide. In this episode, the pair explore a couple of places in Yokohama, and Maru receives quite a shock at the second place. And, of course, it includes plenty of Hina yelling at Maru.

Highlights include:
- Cluelessly cute Maruyama
- Ryo calling Hina a dork
- And did I mention how cute Maru-chan is? <3

Translation & Subbing: gwendy_ast
Raw credits: dozchan 

Find it HERE at my LJ.
This episode of Can!Jani features Yoko, Ryo and a whimsical man known as Kappa-san. This time, the boys are out investigating suspension bridges in the Shizuoka Prefecture. It's a lot more interesting than it sounds, I promise!

Highlights include:
- Yoko in every picture taken at every bridge
- Kappa-san <3
- Scaredy Yoko
- Ryo realizing that although he is the youngest, he's also truly the only adult present

Translation & Subbing: gwendy_ast 
Raw Credits: dozchan 

Get it HERE at my LJ.
27th-May-2010 05:15 am - Request Thread
If you have a request for something you'd like to see subbed, please leave a comment here.

It may take a while for us to get around to subbing your request, so be patient with us! Also check the following list before requesting something! Thank you!

Can!Jani #33 - Yoko/Ohkura @ the bakery (requested by nsa87 )
Can!Jani #28 - Yasu/Maru/Baru @ onsen (requested by epunx99 )
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